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YOMI Robotic Assisted Dental Implants

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Dental implants provide an esthetic, predictable, and durable replacement of teeth. As a replacement option, they are as close to natural teeth as the dental profession can provide. When placed in ideal candidates and with proper technique, dental implants can be very successful and can last as long as a natural tooth would. 

Placing the dental implant with proper technique involves its precise placement in a location conducive to proper function without undue stress on bone and on the implant itself. As a surgical community, we have evolved from placing implants with guidance from 2 dimensional traditional x-rays and traditional molds of the teeth, to utilizing 3 dimensional images and digital molds of the teeth for guidance. We can easily merge CT scan images with a digital mold of the teeth and meticulously plan the surgery on our computers. We can then create a guide that is 3-D printed and custom made for each patient. This guide is utilized during surgery to place the implant efficiently and with excellent precision. These guides are called “Static Guides” and they assist in placement of the implants at the proper angle and depth. 

Static Guides improved how we practice implant surgery, however, we continue to evolve. We now have “Dynamic Guidance” where the guidance system will act as your GPS and direct you where to go utilizing 3-D imaging. These systems provide excellent precision as well.

Yomi Robotic Assisted Dental Implant Placement takes precision a step further. Instead of acting as your GPS, Yomi is your autopilot. It will provide visual and tactile cues to ensure the most precise and accurate placement of dental implants that the profession can offer.

How Does Yomi Work? 

Yomi is equipped with a robotic arm and advanced software that guides the surgeon’s hand while placing a dental implant. Yomi provides physical, visual, and audio feedback as the surgeon is working, constantly evaluating the situation and adjusting accordingly. The surgeon,  in collaboration with the restoring dental professional (general dentist, or dental specialist), creates a custom plan for the patient that is preprogrammed onto Yomi. The custom plan is used by Yomi to guide implant placement by the surgeon. 

Even though a plan for the procedure is preprogrammed, the surgeon is always in control and can make changes along the way as needed. 

What Are the Benefits of Yomi Over Traditional Placement Procedures?

Yomi has many benefits over traditional dental implant placement methods, including: 

  • Less invasive. Dental implant procedures with Yomi are less invasive for patients, reducing post-operative pain. 
  • Faster recovery. Yomi shortens recovery time for patients, allowing you to get back to your regular activities more quickly. 
  • Greater accuracy of placement. Yomi ensures that there is essentially no room for error. Placement of your dental implant is accurate for increased success. 
  • Natural appearance. A dental implant placed with Yomi assistance will look more natural because it is accurately positioned in your mouth. 

      Do All Surgeons Use Yomi?

      This technology is revolutionary and still relatively new in the field of dentistry. Not all surgical offices are utilizing this technology in dental implant procedures yet, but the technology has been thoroughly tested and FDA approved. Community Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the first practice in the state of Wisconsin to use Yomi to place dental implants. 

      Who is in Control, the Surgeon or Yomi? 

      Some patients have concerns about a robot performing their implant surgery. But rest assured that your surgeon is the one in control of the procedure. Yomi simply helps achieve accurate placement by guiding the surgeon’s hand and providing feedback on angle and depth. Yomi has an automatic stop feature that prevents inaccuracies. 

      Can I Get Same-Day Implants with Yomi? 

      Yomi makes it possible to get a dental implant placed in just one or two appointments with its minimally invasive technique. Yomi allows your surgeon to determine the feasibility of same-day dental implant procedures. 

      Is Yomi Suitable for All Types of Dental Implant Cases, Including Complex or Challenging Situations?

      Yomi technology excels across a range of cases, including routine and complex scenarios. Its real-time feedback and adjustments aid in navigating challenging anatomical structures with confidence and precision, making it particularly beneficial for cases requiring precise placement, such as areas with limited bone volume or compromised anatomies.

      Yomi-assisted implant surgery is particularly well-suited for cases where precise implant placement is critical, such as in areas with limited bone volume or compromised anatomical conditions. By leveraging 3D imaging and digital planning tools, Yomi enables the development of custom treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique anatomy and implant requirements.

      During your consultation, your dental provider will evaluate your specific case and determine whether Yomi-assisted implant surgery is the most appropriate treatment option for you. They can discuss the potential benefits and limitations of Yomi technology and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your implant procedure.

      How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities after Undergoing a Yomi-Assisted Implant Procedure?

      Thanks to its minimally invasive approach, patients typically experience faster recovery times with Yomi-assisted implant surgery compared to traditional methods. While individual recovery varies, most patients can expect to return to work and light activities within a day or two post-surgery. Strenuous activities should be avoided initially, and adherence to post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments is crucial for smooth healing and optimal implant success.

      Is Yomi FDA Approved? 

      If the concept of using new technology for your dental implant placement makes you uneasy, rest assured that it is FDA approved. For a medical procedure or technique to be FDA approved it must have passed rigorous testing and trials. Yomi is already in use in many surgical offices across the nation and the world. 

      Will I Still Need Anesthesia with Yomi?

      The procedure is still the same in terms of anesthesia. Whatever anesthesia you and your surgeon would have agreed upon for traditional dental implant placement would still be the same for your procedure with Yomi. The type of anesthesia used for your procedure depends on your individual needs. 

      Community Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Provides Yomi Technology 

      Get minimally invasive, accurate placement of one or more dental implants with the help of Yomi technology at Community Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. We utilize Yomi in order to improve the patient experience and increase the chances of a successful dental implant that will last for you a lifetime

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