Oral Pathology & Biopsy in Milwaukee WI

Oral pathology encompasses oral disease, its causes, and its effects. Oral diseases have many causes, including biological, chemical, or physical agents or hormonal or developmental changes.

Pathological/abnormal tissues in the head and neck regions, often referred to as lesions require a thorough assessment by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Different types of pathologic tissue have varying names and may require a variety of treatments. For example, lesions in the soft tissue covering of the mouth (or oral mucosa) can be ulcerations, pigmentations, red or white lesions, or cancers. Lesions inside the jawbones can be cysts or tumors (which may be benign or malignant). Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will perform a thorough examination of the head and neck region aided by radiographic examination with x-rays or 3D images obtained using a Cone Beam CT scanner (CBCT) to determine the best route for care.

Oral Pathology


Abnormal lesions in the head and neck region may require further investigation through tissue sampling, also known as a biopsy. A sore that is not healing correctly, lumps on the cheeks, palate, gums, or lips, or abnormal-appearing areas on x-rays of CT scans, may merit a biopsy to obtain a diagnosis, test for oral cancer, and initiate immediate treatment when indicated. Please do not ignore these warning signs, and be sure to mention any concerns you may have during your visit.